More customization

This course format is based on a more personalized teaching, where the students will be able to choose, previously, the topic or topics where they intend to deepen; the type of surgeries and prosthetic procedures on which they want to focus and/or improve, as well as the duration. This way, Dr. Bruno Negri will prepare a series of clinical cases to be treated live, where it will be possible to visualize, in the cabinet and/or through audiovisual technology, all the step-by-step procedures requested by the participants.

In addition, theoretical master classes will be held in order to discuss and analyze in depth the topics chosen by the participants. Series of clinical cases with different treatment plans will also be presented. Hands On workshops are also held on different models and prototypes, specially designed by Dr. Bruno Negri, to develop and enhance the skills of the participants.

Different exercises and techniques described step by step are exemplified, in a very detailed, visual and interactive way. In this way, students will have an “à la carte” and personalized training experience to get the most out of the previously selected topics. Maximum number of participants: 3 Modality: theoretical-practical

Maximum number of participants: 3

Modality: theoretical-practical